With your comfort in mind, we offer you the payment service for your services online at any time of the day and from anywhere. If it is the first time that you are going to pay by this means, first call 800-099-0023 and request your access credentials.


We think on your comfort, you can pay from any place and any time. If this is the first time ON-LINE payment, first call 01-800-872-3535 and request your access credentials.



Direct your payment to one of your debit or credit cards (visa or mastercard) so that you forget to stay in long lines and can periodically make your payments in a timely manner, enjoy the benefits of prompt payment and avoid running out of services.


Download the form, fill out and / or present it in the office with the following documentation: Official ID, RFC and card to which the charge will be applied.

We have offices in the most important cities in the region see coverage, in which you can perform any operation or request any of our services and  solutions we have for you, come and consult with us so you know all the benefits we have for you.



Thinking of you and your comfort, we put at your disposal, besides our offices, authorized collection points and installed in various businesses in your community to facilitate your payment. Know them and locate the one closest to your home, ask at your nearest office .

payment options

To facilitate your payment, ilox offers different options to avoid long lines and take advantage of the benefits of early payment when paying on time from the comfort of your home or points near your home.


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