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Navigate to the MAXIMUM SPEED, downloads instantly, from now on you can enjoy the true broadband that ilox offers you; through OPTICAL FIBER and experience the thrill of traveling up to 350 MBPS at unimaginable prices.


Update your social networks before anyone else, upload photos, upload videos and attach any file at an UNMATCHED SPEED.

with our INTERNET

you will not DISCONNECT


INTERNET_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png
INTERNET_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
INTERNET_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 2.png



Excellent upload and download speeds. To watch movies online, download music, photos, all the files you want and play online with the most stable connection. You will have a rewarding browsing experience, even when your entire family connects at the same time on different devices.

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* Speeds may vary based on network saturation

* Speeds may vary based on network saturation

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