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Frequent questions


What is the name of (SSID) and my Wi-Fi password?

You can identify the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) because it starts with ILOX followed by four or six numbers or letters.


     Example: ILOX-0ABC or ILOX-78EF0C


Password, on the back of your ONT you will find a label that brings certain information which you can identify with any of these references:

    Default WLAN Security

  •  Password


What is the name of (SSID) and my Wi-Fi password?

You can check the speed of your internet connection, through a meter such as:, or by calculating based on a download.

 We recommend that you only have one device connected (with which you will perform the tests) and preferably connected with a network cable.


Note: Having optimal results will depend on several factors such as: the performance of your PC or device, by what means you are doing it by cable or WiFi, the resources and the availability of the selected server to perform the test.

How many devices can be connected to my modem?

There is no limit, but it is important to note that the more users are connected to your ONT, either by cable or Wi-Fi, your bandwidth will be distributed among all, and can cause slowness.

What do I do if my modem loses the signal? 

You have several options:

 Disconnect your modem from the outlet, wait 30 seconds and reconnect it.

 Disconnect all your devices, put yourself one meter away from your modem, then connect a single device and test your signal again.

How do I recover or change the username and password of ilox? 

1. Connect your PC via cable to your ONT.

2. Identify the Gateway of your ONT and write it in your navigation bar:

Depending on the model of your ONT, the Gateway IP may vary: and enter.

1. Access your ONT (do you want the username and password of each model?

2. Select the Wireless option.

3. To change or know the name of your network select the SSID option.

4. To change or know your password select: security.

Note: As a good practice we recommend changing your password periodically. If the process is complicated, we recommend contacting a technical support agent to guide you step by step.

How can I create strong passwords? 

If you want to create secure password:


1. Select option WPA2

2. Create a password that exceeds the minimum eight digits, combine letters, signs and numbers.

3. Avoid using common words.

4. Do not use passwords already used in any Internet service.

Why is my navigation slower than I hired?

On the internet it is necessary to identify two values: the Bandwidth that is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a unit of time, and the Transfer Rate, which is the time it takes to transmit the data.

Other factors that may affect the quality of your connection are:

 Many of the times it can be due to the poor performance of you or your devices. If your device is slow this will prevent you from having a fast Internet connection, therefore it is very important that your device is in optimal condition.

Many times your PC's browser runs slow because there is not enough hard disk space, or little ram memory.

There is an excess of plugins installed in the browser.

Validate that you do not have malware and viruses installed on your devices.

Excess of open pages, toolbar, all of them consume system resources, causing your device to be slow and therefore the internet connection will not be adequate.

Excess of users connected to your service.

Because I do not have internet?

Validate that your ONT is connected to the electric current.

Validate that it is on (at the back all the equipment brings an on / off switch).

Verify that the fiber optic cable is connected, and in good condition inside your home or business.

If your equipment is connected by cable, validate that there is a connection between the ONT and your computer (the    LED of the ONT port where you are using must be lit in green.

If your device connects via wireless, validate that the WiFi is on (green LED), validate that your computer is turned on your network card.


Note: If you have already validated the previous points and you still have no service, you can restart your device, turning it off for 5 seconds and turning it on again with the switch on the back.


If you still cannot navigate, contact the technical support area so that an executive can help you: 800 099 0023.

My ONT does not turn on What do I do?

Your ONT is powered by electric current. Locate the power supply cable on the back of your ONT and validate that it is connected and does not have a false contact.

Disconnect and connect the power cord, if the problem persists, we recommend that you plug the power cord into another outlet.

If the problem continues, contact the technical support area, so that an executive can help you: 800 099 0023.


How do I configure my TV to be able to watch Digital and HD channels?

The way in which to configure our TV to be able to watch digital and HD channels varies depending on the model of each Television.

To be able to configure them you need to have the user manual of your television, if you do not have it, we suggest you download it from the brand page of your TV.

• You can dial technical support for your support, it is important that when you call you have identified your TV model.


Where can I check the channel guide?

You can consult the Channels Guide on our website, in the Services section go to Television and there you can find all the programming we have for you.

How do I address my payment?

You must have a credit card, register it in one of our offices or call us at 800 099 0023 to register it. If you want to pay in another way, we offer you several alternatives to choose the one that suits you.

How can I see my invoice?

Entering our website and logging in, calling 800 099 0023 or going to one of our offices.

How can I file a TV, Internet or Telephone complaint?

You should dial the technical support area to be attacked by an agent, and help you verify your services.

 If the support agent detects an anomaly, he will proceed to make a complaint about his or her services.

Where can I pay for my service?

You can pay for our services at any of our offices or make your payment through our website.

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